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You want holistic, natural solutions, but you aren’t finding them. 

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At Quantum Klinik, we are committed to promoting holistic health solutions that truly improve your life. The mission of Quantum Klinik is to improve clients’ lives by providing industry-leading noninvasive aesthetics and wellness services.

For Your Face

Our non-toxic treatments have no chemicals and rejuvenate your skin with healthy ingredients. 

For Your Body

With our holistic and noninvasive services, you can be the best version of yourself without surgery.

For Your Health & Wellness

Assess your physical and mental health, feel more relaxed and at east, and boost your immune system, with our holistic treatments.

Quantum Klinik "For Your Face" Services

Our Services

For Your Face

You can say goodbye to acne scars, fine lines, wrinkles, spots, and uneven tones as you renew and restore your youthful facial glow. Our non-toxic treatments have no chemicals and rejuvenate your skin with healthy ingredients.


Venus Freeze

An anti-aging treatment with no surgery or downtime.


CryoSkin Facials

A natural, non-invasive way to look younger and more radiant.



Advanced plasma technology to remove bacteria, germs and aid transdermal absorption.

Our Services

For Your Body

You can have your body looking amazing within just a few visits with us. Erase stretch marks, scars, and cellulite to get the slim and toned look that you want.

Quantum Klinik "For Your Body" Services


Laser Hair Removal

Achieve smooth, hair-free skin without pain.



Say goodbye to cellulite and toxins – Welcome tight, toned skin and a happier you.


CryoSkin Body

Slim and tone your body by freezing unwanted fat.

Our Services

For Your Health & Wellness

Our holistic treatments assess your physical, mental, and emotional health so that you get the care that you need to bring you relaxation, ease, and a strong immune system. You can be your healthiest self without medication, extreme diets, and drastic exercise.



A wearable device that provides your body with a holistic way to heal itself.


Ballancer Pro

The most relaxed you will ever feel while you flush out toxins, reduce muscle soreness, and improve circulation with just one treatment.
I have been going to Quantum Klinik for A few different treatments. The facials are a must! Very relaxing and see results immediately. Katalin also just purchased a new top of the line laser hair removal machine! It is wonderful and pain free!! I recommend her spa! One visit and you will be back time and time again.
Kelly B.
I had my first Venus Freeze treatment last week, and I’m hooked! Back in today for a second treatment. Katalin’s gentle but confident hands made me feel very relaxed. She started with a facial and brow work, then moved into the treatment. It was warm and relaxing. She did 1/2 of my face to let me see the difference and WOW, it was dramatic! When I was all done, my skin felt soft and supple. Even with no makeup on, my skin looked amazing. There was absolutely no redness or discomfort. Can’t wait to see the final results.
(no name left)
Quantum Klinik has raised the bar for spas in (the) Pittsburgh area! The services are top-notch and cutting edge; Katalin is extremely kind, knowledgeable and attentive to anything your skin or body needs. You will not get a better facial anywhere else--the products and techniques she uses are unmatched. plus, if you're looking for a one-time solution to love handles they have a Sculpsure machine that will do the trick! Not to mention the location itself is private, tranquil and ultra clean. It's located on the second floor of really nice building, and there are reserved parking spaces in the back of the building (plus two visitor spots in front). The prices for services are very reasonable and scheduling is a breeze thanks to Paulette! If you're looking for a great spa experience I recommend visiting Quantum Klinik as soon as possible--you won't be disappointed!
Katie N.
Katalin is the only one who has been able to help me with my rosacea. Due to her facial my rosacea is no longer obvious. Katalin really cares about her clients, and her knowledge of and extensive experience in skin care is exceptional. I always leave her looking and feeling better than when I arrived.
Hanni C.
Katalin and her staff were incredible! My treatment was exactly what I'd hoped for. I won't go anywhere else again. The clinic was spotless and very relaxing, too. Thank you.
Tracy C.
She is professional and good hearted. Cares about her clients.
Christina Wilson

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