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Katalin Reimann

Katalin Reimann

Katalin Reimann is the lead aesthetician at Quantum Klinik located in Wexford, PA. She is a warrior who beat cancer by using holistic methods. This survival is where she gets her drive and passion to help others, like you, improve their health through holistic means. She wants to help you naturally achieve the health and beauty that you desire.

For expert medical aesthetic treatment and holistic wellness care, clients can trust board-certified Katalin Reimann, LMA to Be Well. Be Beautiful™ at Quantum Klinik.  In addition to her internationally trained licensed medical aesthetician and holistic health practice, Katalin also offers her expertise in reflexology, iridology, color therapy, light therapy, massage therapy, and multiple disciplines of nutrition counseling–for which she is a certified Transitions Lifestyle and Wellness Coach.

Katalin holding a Quantum Klinik Instrument

I want people to look forward to still being able to change themselves if they want to. If you don’t like the lines on your face, then change them—it’s possible. If you don’t like that you are 20 pounds overweight, change it, because you can. Do you have pains and aches? You can change it.

Katalin Reimann

In addition to her clinical training, Katalin is a native of Hungary and a long time resident of Germany, and more than 25 years permanent residency in America and a US citizen for the past 2 years..  This international point of view means that not only has Katalin mastered and improved on the classic European facials but, even more importantly, she is an expert in the latest technologies, such as laser and radio/infrared frequency skin and body care technologies including but not limited to laser hair removal, VENUS FREEZE™  non-invasive skin tightening, and much more. Quantum Klinik is therefore not only a one-stop medi-spa but also a place to experience increased self-confidence along with renewed health and wellness.

The mission of Quantum Klinik in Wexford, Pennsylvania, is to improve clients’ lives by providing industry-leading noninvasive aesthetics and wellness services.  Katalin provides facial treatments, fat and cellulite reduction, skin tightening (face, limbs, bikini area etc.), laser hair removal, Healy, and weight loss technology including CryoSkin™ and Endospheres devices.  Quantum Klinik  is also a pioneering location for VIVEVE™ noninvasive rejuvenating treatments for women. Quantum Klinik  is the brainchild of Katalin Reimann, LMA, who regards her clinical ability as a gift and her medi-spa practice as a calling.

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Maria’s House is a testament of how love can heal the world. Born from love and kindness, part of Quantum Klinik’s mission is to provide for Hungary’s most vulnerable and to give back the same care that our founder experienced in her life.

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We’re not another holistic faker. We’re committed to getting you the true health and beauty results that you desire. Today is the day you’ve found a spa that doesn’t make you choose between getting healthy, and getting even more beautiful.

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