About Our Nonprofit

Maria's House

Like all missions, Quantum Klinik’s mission started with a vision.

It was one of love, comfort, and care. 

Years later, our founder would expand that vision beyond her spa to continue her acts of healing.

Our founder, Katalin Reimann, was born in Hungary and spent her early years there. Her mother, Maria, was the headmistress of a kindergarten school. Katalin watched her mother teach and nurture her students with love and kindness. This sparked admiration from Katalin, who saw her mother full of love and willing to give it to everyone in need. 

It would be years later that Katalin realized that the love her mother had for her school children was not a universal experience for all children in Hungary. She would learn that 22,000 children each year are orphaned or abandoned in her home country by parents who cannot take care of them. Many of these homeless children, some infants, aren’t able to survive.

This spurred Katalin to take action. She had the opportunity to turn her childhood home–a place of love, safety, and comfort–into a respite for some of these children. She converted the home into an orphanage, and could think of only one appropriate name for it: Maria’s House.

Maria’s House is a testament of how love can heal the world. Born from love and kindness, part of Quantum Klinik’s mission is to provide for Hungary’s most vulnerable and to give back the same care that our founder experienced in her life.

By coming in for treatments at Quantum Klinik, you also help those children. A portion of proceeds all go to maintaining Maria’s House and providing for those who live there.

We are so appreciative of your support.

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