Are You Ready to Achieve the Health and Beauty that You Desire?

Congrats! Today is the day you take the first step on the road towards smooth, flawless skin and a toned body, while you feel positive and energetic on a daily basis.

Today is the day you’ve found a spa that doesn’t make you choose between getting healthy, and getting even more beautiful.

Goodbye, Wrinkles!

Those days of feeling tired and anxious from the second you wake up to the moment you fall asleep are over.  Those days of feeling so run down and unhealthy, even though you’re trying your best with dieting and exercise, are over.

Hello, Beautiful!

And no more looking in the mirror and the first thing you notice are your wrinkles or extra hair in places that it isn’t welcome!  Those days of blotchy skin, pesky cellulite, muffin tops, and extra rolls, are gone.

no more Photo Filters!

No more spending a second touching up your photos before you post them online or strategically placing yourself behind people in pics because you’re not crazy about yourself! 

And yes, the burden you may feel from trying to keep yourself on track with your health routine, diet, and exercise can finally be lifted from your shoulders.

We See You

At Quantum Klinik, we see you, you strong, determined, beautiful individual. We see your constant efforts to feel good and look good. We see the dedication and commitment to those workout and beauty routines – when you have the time and energy, am I right?

But, maybe you have tried everything in the book that’s safe, organic, and natural because you love your body, and you only want the best remedies and treatments that cause no harm or pain. But, even though they’re safe, they don’t seem very effective.

At Quantum Klinik, we want to help you get that confidence and radiance back that you oh, so deserve.

And yes, maybe you have tried a few different spas and you’ve made appointments with aestheticians but you’ve never left the spa feeling totally refreshed, re-energized and absolutely glowing.

You stand by nontoxic, holistic organic remedies because you want your body to feel and BE its absolute best while you feel totally comfortable in it.

We Understand

At Quantum Klinik, we use non-evasive, holistic methods that have changed the lives of so many individuals, like you.

With our approach, we believe that the body is naturally a wonderful, beautiful thing. We strive to help our customers feel radiant by pinpointing the exact problems that keep them from feeling so confident, then we use modern technology that removes any unwanted hair, wrinkle, or flaw with just a few visits.  When you walk into our spa, we personally greet you with a warm smile and invite you to relax in our stunning front lobby. We want you to feel as comfortable as possible as our owner and founder, Katalin Reimann sits down with you and listens to your health and wellness or beauty goals.

Who is

Katalin Reimann?

Katalin Reimann is the lead aesthetician at Quantum Klinik located in Wexford, PA. She is a warrior who beat cancer by using holistic methods. This survival is where she gets her drive and passion to help others, like you, improve their health through holistic means. She wants to help you naturally achieve the health and beauty that you desire. In addition to her internationally trained licensed medical aesthetician and holistic health practice, Katalin also offers her expertise in reflexology, iridology, color therapy, light therapy, massage therapy, and multiple disciplines of nutrition counseling–for which she is a certified Transitions Lifestyle and Wellness Coach.

In addition to her clinical training, Katalin is a native of Hungary and a long time resident of Germany, which makes her mastered and improved on the classic European facial, She is an expert in the latest technologies, such as laser and radio/infrared frequency skin and body care technologies including but not limited to – laser hair removal, and VENUS FREEZE non-invasive skin tightening.


If you’re looking for any of the following services, contact us to begin your journey to radiance.

I have been going to Quantum Klinik for A few different treatments. The facials are a must! Very relaxing and see results immediately. Katalin also just purchased a new top of the line laser hair removal machine! It is wonderful and pain free!! I recommend her spa! One visit and you will be back time and time again.
Kelly B.
I had my first Venus Freeze treatment last week, and I’m hooked! Back in today for a second treatment. Katalin’s gentle but confident hands made me feel very relaxed. She started with a facial and brow work, then moved into the treatment. It was warm and relaxing. She did 1/2 of my face to let me see the difference and WOW, it was dramatic! When I was all done, my skin felt soft and supple. Even with no makeup on, my skin looked amazing. There was absolutely no redness or discomfort. Can’t wait to see the final results.
(no name left)
Quantum Klinik has raised the bar for spas in (the) Pittsburgh area! The services are top-notch and cutting edge; Katalin is extremely kind, knowledgeable and attentive to anything your skin or body needs. You will not get a better facial anywhere else--the products and techniques she uses are unmatched. plus, if you're looking for a one-time solution to love handles they have a Sculpsure machine that will do the trick! Not to mention the location itself is private, tranquil and ultra clean. It's located on the second floor of really nice building, and there are reserved parking spaces in the back of the building (plus two visitor spots in front). The prices for services are very reasonable and scheduling is a breeze thanks to Paulette! If you're looking for a great spa experience I recommend visiting Quantum Klinik as soon as possible--you won't be disappointed!
Katie N.
Katalin is the only one who has been able to help me with my rosacea. Due to her facial my rosacea is no longer obvious. Katalin really cares about her clients, and her knowledge of and extensive experience in skin care is exceptional. I always leave her looking and feeling better than when I arrived.
Hanni C.
Katalin and her staff were incredible! My treatment was exactly what I'd hoped for. I won't go anywhere else again. The clinic was spotless and very relaxing, too. Thank you.
Tracy C.
She is professional and good hearted. Cares about her clients.
Christina Wilson

Are you ready

to feel confident and beautiful

in your own skin?

So, are you ready to feel confident and beautiful in your own skin? Are you ready to experience just how wonderful your body can be while feeling energized and positive? Are you ready to feel like you can’t wait to get out there and show off your beautiful self while you knock off that to do list like it’s nothing? Contact us to schedule an initially complimentary assessment that tells you exactly what services would actually work for your specific body and needs!

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