Ready for some “me time”?

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It’s been a long, hot summer.

Days on end of greasy sunblock & dehydrated skin from all those sugary cocktails.

Did you know it’s important to reset your skin after the summer? It’s true!

All the excess products you have been using can compromise your skin!

Having a compromised skin barrier means our skin cannot function properly.

There are an abundant number of skincare products being launched DAILY to appeal to those with compromised skin.

Here’s a little secret: you DON’T need it all.

You DON’T need to overcomplicate it.

Here at Quantum Klinik, we are all about simplifying your routine.

Getting you in the door to a relaxing room with a treatment customized to your needs so you can leave feeling refreshed and ready to tackle your list of errands.

Ready for some “me time”?

We’re ready too.

Give us a call to book a relaxing facial today. 📞412.865.6824

PLUS right now we have a special going on for those who join our membership program. Your facial will come with a FREE gift!

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