Peezing…nobody wants to admit it happens to them.

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Are you a peezer?

Whether you are an:

💧All the time peezer

💧Occasional peezer

💧Surprise peezer

There is hope for you with Viveve!

Our non-surgical solution for vaginal rejuvenation is now open for clients.

Viveve is a procedure that regenerates the collagen and vagina to help with elasticity, bladder leakage, and muscle growth.

Within just 30 minutes, you will leave our spa feeling like a new woman.

And because this is a holistic, non-toxic treatment, there is no downtime!

BUT this is an exclusive, limited-time service

Only 7 client spots are up for grabs and then the “vault” is closing.

Call us today to claim your spot with Viveve.


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