Nurture Your Wellness Within

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Have you been neglecting your health?

For the past week? The past month? The past few years?

It’s a bad habit that becomes so easy to keep repeating.

Maybe you have your health goal set, but taking the first step scares you.

Maybe you don’t know how to choose your next health goal.

Maybe, just maybe, you are surrounded by others that don’t prioritize their own health so why would it be important for you?

Our health is the foundation for a long, energetic life.

And we don’t just mean diet & exercise.

To achieve a well-rounded lifestyle it is crucial to focus on healing your mind, spirit, body, and soul too. But with so much noise out there, how do you find the experts to help you?

I am passionate about health and wellness due to my own personal experiences.

Myself and other local health and wellness experts are gathering together for ONE NIGHT at the Oxford Athletic Club on Thursday, January 19th from 5pm-8pm to bring you the knowledge and tools you need to make your health a priority at our Nurturing Your Wellness Within event.

With topics such as “the three key things you can do in your daily life for optimal body performance”, you won’t want to miss hanging out with us at Nurturing Your Wellness Within – igniting your power to be your best, highest, and healthiest self.

Enjoy a beautiful charcuterie by Burgh Boxes and Boards – a locally woman-owned small business led by a worldwide media-recognized executive chef.

The event includes speakers Dr. Brie Kemp of Live Well Chiropractic, Dr. Shellie Hipsky founder of Global Sisterhood, Laura Ellis from Bridges Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine, Dan Stoll from Oxford Athletic Club Wexford and will be emceed by Marta Sauret Greca – Speaker and Coach and produced by MEDIA – The Creative Agency.

As a thank you for attending and supporting our speakers, each guest will be leaving with a gift AND be entered to win thousands in giveaways. 🛍️

Register for the event by clicking here. Earlybird tickets are $10 this week only and proceeds will be benefitting the Global Sisterhood.

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