You want health and wellness solutions that are easy.

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You don’t want to prepare for a major surgery or be out of commission for weeks.

You want a solution that doesn’t require you to read a loonnnggg list of ingredients.

And you want something natural!

At Quantum Klinik, that’s what we’re all about.

When she was diagnosed with cancer, our founder Katalin was having the same thoughts and asking the same questions.

She wanted something that would help her body, rather than harm it. And she wanted to get better. She wanted to be there for her family.

And that’s how Quantum Klinik was born.

Katalin is dedicated to helping you with any problem you face with your health and beauty. When you’re not happy with the way that you look or feel, we strive to fix the problem when you walk into the door of our clinic.

Have you booked a consult with Katalin yet?

NOW is the time to do so!

Call us today at 412.865.6824 to schedule your consult with our world renowned esthetician, Katalin!!

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Kindness inspires action.

Has an act of kindness ever inspired you to take action?   Our founder’s mother, Maria, was a kindergarten headmistress in Katalin’s birth country, Hungary.

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