You are particularly insecure about this area of your body.

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Especially now that swimsuit season is in full swing.

You are tired of wrapping a towel around you, worried that people are looking at your stomach.

Always wishing you could wear that two piece in your closet with CONFIDENCE.

You’ve tried everything – to no avail.

Quantum Klinik can help!

With our Cryoskin methods, we are able to eliminate the fatty tissue and slim the body in an effective & PAINLESS way.

Cryoskin and Endospheres work together to melt away fat and tone your body, with results up to 24-28%.

🔅 Tone targeted areas

🔅 Remove the toxins from the fatty tissue

🔅 Rid your body of hormone residue, mercury, and metals that are stored in the tissue and causing harm to your body.

Not only will you feel beautiful, but you’ll be making yourself healthier with each treatment!

Crysoskin treatments help you to feel:

🔅 Lighter

🔅 Healthier

🔅 & more vibrant overall!

These treatments are completely holistic and painless! You can come into the spa and get a treatment, and then walk out and continue on with your day. There is NO RECOVERY TIME!

PLUS right now we have a NEW WAY to love your body & pay less for treatments!

Our NEW Quantum Klinik MEMBERSHIP is now available to become a member of.

This exclusive membership grants you 25% off services and 15% off products purchased at Quantum Klinik.

Be one of the FIRST to snag a membership.

Call us at 412.865.6824 for more information and to sign up TODAY!

📸CryoskinUS | Results after 5 sessions.

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