✨💆 Win Revolutionary Spa Products from Home 🧴✨

Have you been taking care of yourself during this crazy year?

If you say no, we understand. It’s been hard to take care of our health–both physical and mental–with so much going on in the world around us. You might have stopped those self-care Saturdays or Sundays. You might not have done something nice for yourself in a long while because you’re struggling with your mental health. Maybe you’re even struggling to leave your house because of anxieties, but you miss doing things that made you happy.

Quantum Klinik has a chance for you to have self-care shipped right to you, so you can treat yourself to some well-deserved self-love and care.

On December 16th, we’re hosting Make a Difference in Your World While Transforming Yourself In and Out – First Ever Virtual Gala for Maria’s House.

Put on your favorite party dress, pour yourself your favorite drink, and relax from the comfort of your home as you try to win luxurious, path-breaking spa prizes. We’re doing so many drawings for prizes–some of which will be sent right to your home! And while you’re enjoying yourself, you can rest easy knowing that proceeds of this event are going towards Maria’s House–our founder’s orphanage in Hungary. 

Click on the link below to get your tickets. Because this is an online event, and we’re making it exclusive, ticket prices will go up the closer that we get to the event. Get them NOW at the VIP early bird pricing, while they’re at the lowest price! As we get closer to the event and more spots fill up, ticket prices will go up!

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