Suffering From Acne?

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Did you know that acne patients have a 63% increased risk of developing depression compared to those who do not suffer from acne?

When we see enlarged pores & breakouts in the mirror, we see them as flaws.
In reality, these are signs of your skin reacting & letting you know something is wrong.

Our skin naturally wants to heal.
We just need to feed it healthy ingredients AND create a healthy environment for your skin to thrive.

We know how much acne can affect your self-esteem.
Especially in today’s world of social media it is incredibly easy for us to set unrealistic expectations due to all the edited photos.

Remember, nothing lasts forever.
And you are SO much more than your acne.

Modern medicine says “let’s manage the symptoms, not the root cause.”
They hand you a pill and tell you to come back again next month for more.
I say NO.
Let’s solve the problem for GOOD.
Heal you from the inside out.

#rootcausehealing NOT band aid management.

📞 If you are ready to solve the problem instead of covering it up, give me a call, 412.865.6824.

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