Maria's House

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Do you know you can make a difference in the world while you make a difference within you and your own body and beauty?

What if, while you lay leaisurely in one of our relaxing rooms, either healing yourself within with our holistic remedies, or toning your tummy, or erasing wrinkles, you were simultaneously helping to build the walls for a loving home for orphans?

That’s exactly what you are doing when you come to Quantum Klinik, because a portion of all proceeds goes directly to funding Maria’s House, an orphanage in Hungary.

There are more than 22,000 orphaned or abandoned children in state custody in Hungary. With those¬†outstanding numbers, and dozens of babies’ lives ended annually as they come out into the world because their parents aren’t able to care for them, Katalin felt called to do something about it.¬†

Our founder, Katalin Reimann, lived the first years of her life in her family home in Hungary, which she is now turning into a respite for the many children who face homelessness without parents in Hungary.

The same way that she is committed to healing and caring for you in her spa, she is committed to doing for the children of Hungary. That’s why she is transforming her childhood home and turning it into a home for children. The orphanage is very appropriately named after Katalin’s late mother, Maria.

Katalin’s mother Maria was the headmistress of a Kindergarten academy in Hungary. Katalin always watched her mother in adoration, and quickly grew a fondness for the care and nurturing of children everywhere. This is where the inspiration behind this cause is from, and is her huge WHY in bringing it to fruition. With your help, it is meant to be.

Therefore, you can feel even better about yourself not just physically when you come to Quantum Klinik, but spiritually as well, knowing you are making a difference in this world around you.

If you’d like to contribute even more directly to the orphanage, please email