In the garden of Maria’s House, there is a willow tree. It stands tall, with branches that sweep into the sky. The tree has been there for many years, and has yet to bow to the elements or any change in the world around it.

Willow trees represent strength and stability, balance, and harmony. These are things that Maria’s House represents for the children who live there.

Strength to care for their needs.

Stability to provide them a home that they don’t have to fear losing.

Balance for the amount of love, education, and nurturing they recieve.

And harmony that creates a community where they can live in peace.

Your treatments at Quantum Klinik help to provide for the children at Maria’s House. With your help, our founder has been able to create a safe place for some of the 22,000 orphaned children in Hungary each year. Instead of facing homelessness, and all the dangers that come with it, they have a place where they can be loved and safe. 

If you’d like to help more, while also having the chance to win luxurious spa prizes, we have an event for you.

On December 16th, we’re hosting Make a Difference in Your World While Transforming Yourself In and Out – First Ever Virtual Gala for Maria’s House.

Put on your favorite party dress, pour yourself your favorite drink, and relax from the comfort of your home as you try to win luxurious, path-breaking spa prizes. We’re doing so many drawings for prizes–some of which will be sent right to your home! And while you’re enjoying yourself, you can rest easy knowing that proceeds of this event are going towards Maria’s House–our founder’s orphanage in Hungary. 

Click on this link to get your tickets. Because this is an online event, and we’re making it exclusive, ticket prices will go up the closer that we get to the event. Get them NOW at the VIP early bird pricing, while they’re at the lowest price! As we get closer to the event and more spots fill up, ticket prices will go up!

But that’s not all! We have even more opportunities for you to help Maria’s House. Starting on Black Friday, we will have our Gift Card special –  Buy a $100 gift card and get $50 card free! Our Balancer Pro introductory rates are starting at $99! Buy one and get three as gifts! These offers will only run from Black Friday to December 16th, so get ready to grab yours ASAP by visiting our website!


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