My name is Katalin Reimann, owner and founder of Quantum Klinik.

I’m a Hungarian holistic health practitioner, medical aesthetician, cancer survivor, teacher and, as my friends call me, a ” woman of many many talents 😊.”

What they mean by that is, I’m not just someone who will tone your body, smoothen your skin, and get rid of excess fat. All of my procedures are designed to not only make you look like your best self, they’re meant to help you heal your body within and fend off diseases for years to come. 

I detoxify your body, fending off diseases like cancer, arthritis, diabetes, all while slimming it, toning it, and smoothening it. 

I was born and raised in Hungary, I studied, married, gave birth to 2 children, and studied more after cancer. All of these things are my “water marks” and will follow me for the rest of my life. They are important parts of my heritage, upbringing, and identity as a person. 

The USA is my home and I’m certain I was meant to end up here. It was fate. 

I want you all to know that I am here to serve and to remind women and men of the basic values ( of your own body): to help heal and love ❤️.

And these are values that I infuse into my work at Quantum Klinik as well. I want you to love not just your new body, but how it makes you feel. I want you to feel like your best self, your true self, and your most confident self.

It’s what I want to offer you now and forever, each time you come into Quantum.


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