Help the world heal.

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Did you know that if you’re a customer of Quantum Klinik you’re helping to heal the world?

Quantum Klinik’s mission is to help heal you, and we take that outside of our business, too. Our founder, Katalin Reimann, established Maria’s House: an orphanage in Hungary that runs out of her childhood home. Maria’s House takes in some of Hungary’s 22,000 orphaned and abandoned children each year. They find a safe place to grow and are nurtured with love the way that Katalin’s mother taught her. Katalin’s mother inspired her so much that the orphanage is named after her.

A portion of all Quantum Klinik’s proceeds goes towards Maria’s House. So if you’re a client at Quantum Klinik, we thank you for your support! You are helping us make a difference.

Would you like to help Maria’s House?

Book an appointment by clicking on the button below and a portion of the proceeds will benefit Maria’s House.

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